July 25, 2018 Today's northwestern part of Kagoshima prefecture is fine weather It is very hot.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to my blog.
My name is Michitaka Kurimoto. I live in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

I have a dissecting aortic aneurysm in 2001, and at the same time, I am fighting both diabetes and hypertension.
Although the artery was still split, I spent 18 years safely with blood pressure control. Diabetes is type 2 sugar disease disease, but it can not be improved by caloric restricted meals. In 2018 I had diabetic left foot gangrene. I was sentenced to be disconnected from the left foot at the end of hospitalization on the 42days.

I doesnt chose cutting as the doctor says, and I chose another way.
It is a therapy called super sugar restriction and "moist wound healing".
Super sugar quality restriction is a dietary remedy that does not take carbohydrates simply.
Wet treatment is a wound treatment that does not disinfect and does not use gauze.
As a result of practicing the two therapies, I was able to obtain the result that the left foot was completely recovered from the condition that it was said that there is no way to cut it.
Is the carbohydrate-centered diet really true?

If you are somewhere in the world who is crying for leg cuts due to diabetes, please be aware that there are examples that have been cured by super sugar restriction and "moist wound healing".
Please click the link if you want to see the transition of the condition of my left leg with a photograph. However, please do not look at a person who is not good at scratching photos because it is a very severe photograph.

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This sentence was created by Google translation. There may be strange expressions, but I think that things I want to convey are transmitted. I sincerely hope that your life will shine better.

Thank you.